Sunday, July 22, 2012

Well Dressed Feet

Naging matagumpay muli ang 2nd session ng aming socieTEA. Ito ay ginanap noong July 20, 2012 (8:00 pm) sa Starbucks, Molito / Madrigal Alabang. Si Cris Bautista ang host na may temang: SHOES

Isang magandang ilustrasyon ang naibahagi niya sa aming devotion. At ang masaya dito ay marami kaming opinyon at aral na napulot sa aming paglalahad. Ito ay original na illustration ni "Julia Bettencourt" mula sa Creative Ladies Ministry ng kanilang church.(

Well Dressed Feet
Julia Bettencourt

"The steps of a good man are ordered by the
LORD: and he delighteth in his way."  Psalm 37:23

When I was little my father always had a thing about making sure our shoes looked good, especially for Sundays. We had a church pair of shoes, a school pair, and a pair of tennis shoes or play shoes. Other than that I think we always ran around barefooted or we'd slip on those little rubber boots to go out and play. We didn't have a Payless Shoe Store on every corner back then (not that I'm that aged) but we didn't get new shoes just because we wanted them. We had to outgrow them first so we had to take care of our shoes.

I can remember always getting into trouble about my shoes. We had a merry-go-round on our playground when I was in grade school in a little tiny place called, Essex, Ohio. That merry-go-round was one where we'd all hold on, run around the sides and then jump on. It's probably not even there anymore because all of the things we played on when I was little are deemed 'unsafe' nowadays. I don't know why, but I just loved to sit on that merry-go-round, daydream, and just drag my feet across that pavement and it did some awful things to the tips of my shoes. I can remember being told to "clean those shoes up" all the time...

My father always seemed to be on us kids about our shoes, and I've grown to know he was right. Our whole appearance can be spoiled by our shoes. If you had on a $1000 dollar suit and had on dirty or scuffed shoes, your appearance wouldn't be too tidy. It wouldn't matter how much you paid for your suit, people's eyes would be drawn to your feet. It makes a difference that they are tidy and well kept...

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